The production of TEXTILES SAN GERMAN (TGS) clothing is complemented by a partner-company for the dyeing process, which allows for flexibility and greater quality in the manufacturing of clothing.

We manufacture knitted garments with PIMA cotton fibers, polyester, in others for our international clients in their different brands. We carry out FULL PACKAGE based on the technical specifications of each client.


Pima cotton ( Gossypium Barbadense ) is natuve of Peru. Pima fibre has extraordinary characteristics such as length, fineness, and softness. Pima facilitates the production of strong threads and fabrics for the manufacturing of garments appreciated by many around the world. Due to its high quality Pima cotton is not only luxuriously soft but is also resistant to fraying, piling, fading, tearing, and wrinkling. Peruavian Pima is grown in the northern regions of Peru where the natural climates of the region allow for excellent growth and harvesting conditions, making it one of the best cottons in the world. We want everyone to know of the wonderful characteristics of our Pima products as many well known international brands already do.



               Phone: 51 135 44207

Email: Info@texsangermá 


Av. huarochiri mz b lt 17, Santa Anita, Lima 43, Perú