The production of TEXTILES SAN GERMAN (TGS) clothing is complemented by a partner-company for the dyeing process, which allows for flexibility and greater quality in the manufacturing of clothing.


Through our time in the textile industry we have established great relationships with local cotton growers. This allows us to have the cotton in fibre bales ready for the manufacturing process.


TSG quality control starts with prevention. Every step in the manufacturing process is inspected and audited for quality.


TSG’s sewing department is equipped with a variety of industrial grade machines such as flat-bed, cylinder-bed, overlocker or serger, embroider, post-bed, of-the-arm, among others.


Our automated cutting systems allow us to reduce waste of material.


Our product development department undersees that the final product meets clients requirements. Our team is knowledgeable and eager to facilitate the best experience for our clients.


TSG’s quality approach is based on prevention, a concept implemented in our company.

To ensure product quality, we have the following resources: Colorists are trained so that each client can test the color locally, reducing delivery times. In addition, the Munsell test applies to all personnel involved in the approval of the color and / or their comments. The following tests are performed to verify the finished fabric and garment throughout the process: Dimensional stability, color fastness to crock, color fastness to washing, fabric weight: number of threads.

The laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out the aforementioned tests. Auditors with experience and trained according to the standards of each client who are in charge of verifying compliance and reporting the results of the audit to our Production Executive. The audit process is carried out during the development stages and the pre-production stage, where the client is provided with the corresponding advice.


The services provided by our overseas shipping department start with coordinating the means in which the items will be shipped ensuring that deadlines are met for the paperwork. Supportive documentation required by international customs providing full disclosure of the goods being shipped. Additional Services: Professional packaging to minimize shipping charges. Certified quality control statements in every order shipped by TSG. Tracking service provided by shipping company We at TSG contract with clothing companies, manufacture the garments following their designs and specifications. Our equipment allows us to make about any type of garment from basic t-shirts to henleys, polos, dresses, etc.

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