TSG is Peruvian company founded in 2007. We specialize in the manufacturing of clothing
made out of Peruvian Pima-Cotton (one of the most sought after materials in the international market). Our goal is to always exceed client satisfaction. TSG is located in the Santa Anita District, Lima, Peru. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in the textile industry.


To dress the world with innovative-high quality clothing at competitive prices, prompt delivery, social responsibility, and sustainability.


To become fashion leaders and innovators.


Good customer service / commitment to our clients / respect / innovation / high standards of


TSG was founded in 2007 by Jesus Carrillo Guerra when he started offering textile services as
a business.
In 2012, with his experience in fabric sales, he acquired equipment to offer the services of
cutting and sewing to create clothing and other textile products.
To this day TSG has grown to be a big warehouse that allows for the manufacturing of the
desired fabrics, designated areas for cutting and sewing for the making of clothing and other
products. Our size allows us to develop around 40 tons of fabric a month which translates to the
production of 120,000 units of clothing monthly.
TSG owns two brands launched to the local market SG Underwear and San German Co .

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               Phone: 51 135 44207

Email: Info@texsangermán.com


Av. huarochiri mz b lt 25, Santa Anita, Lima 43, Perú